Full of Joys: From the Director

Full of Joys director, Michael Branwell, gives an insight into rehearsals and what is to come for our popular Music Hall. Tickets available from https://moothouseplayers.com/full-of-joys.

With a mere 15 day to go to the first night of Full Of Joys, the cast and Chairman are beginning to “wind up”: some of the individual acts are looking very hopeful indeed. There are sure to be a lot of laughs as well as groans at the Chairman’s repetitious and ridiculous rodomontades, which he is practising to the dismay of the assembled company.


The dancing girls look set to stop the show. Tuesday’s rehearsal included a quite charming solo from Ruth Lewis, while the two sets of duettists proved that they are going to provide an excellent contrast to the solo acts which make up about half the show – and what a varied and talented lot they are!

While there is work to do, this Music Hall looks set to be as good as any of its 30 predecessors – yes this is the 31st Edition of Full of Joys and it may yet turn out to be one of the best.


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