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Bold new play to start season at Moot House

At MHP Theatre we have developed a reputation for attention to detail in period pieces but our current production, Tomorrow in the Battle, a contemporary play, by writer Kieron Barry, is a departure from our usual fare and, we hope, a bold choice for an amateur company.

The story charts the lives of three people in high-powered jobs: a heart surgeon, a financier and a Ministry of Defence operative who are embroiled in a love triangle, showing how their life spills into their work and vice versa and the impact this has on those around them.

Director Dan Powell thinks some of MHP Theatre’s usual audience will be shocked – there is a content warning on the show for strong language, sexual scenes, and mature themes – but feels this move is essential to ensure that the company is putting on a range of work for a range of audiences.

We are set to carry on this diverse season with some well-known recent classics such as Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads; shows about famous historical figures such as the composer Strauss in Collaboration and notorious highwayman Dick Turpin in Am I Turpin?; and a rip-roaring farce The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.

Whilst MHP Theatre have always included a diverse programme of shows in our seasons, this one promises to be one of our most adventurous yet.

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Full of Joys: From the Cast

Full of Joys dancer, Maria, gives an insight into what she has enjoyed about rehearsals and working with Moot House Players. Tickets available from


Today we were running through many of the chorus parts and also the can-can with the dancers of Harlow Ballet. The run through was energetic and together, although at the wheel we could have been more downstage to have more space for the high kicks. Chorus parts are coming together wonderfully and a fantastic ensemble feeling is emerging. Songs are full of energy and add a little something to the performance, engaging the audience. The melodrama was very funny and the ‘drunken’ piece of it engaged all of the actors and us dancers, bringing the whole cast together.

Full of Joys: From the Director

Full of Joys director, Michael Branwell, gives an insight into rehearsals and what is to come for our popular Music Hall. Tickets available from

With a mere 15 day to go to the first night of Full Of Joys, the cast and Chairman are beginning to “wind up”: some of the individual acts are looking very hopeful indeed. There are sure to be a lot of laughs as well as groans at the Chairman’s repetitious and ridiculous rodomontades, which he is practising to the dismay of the assembled company.


The dancing girls look set to stop the show. Tuesday’s rehearsal included a quite charming solo from Ruth Lewis, while the two sets of duettists proved that they are going to provide an excellent contrast to the solo acts which make up about half the show – and what a varied and talented lot they are!

While there is work to do, this Music Hall looks set to be as good as any of its 30 predecessors – yes this is the 31st Edition of Full of Joys and it may yet turn out to be one of the best.