Our Constitution

MHP Theatre Company

MHP Theatre Company is bound by its Articles of Association (see below) and exists primarily to put on performances at Moot Hall, The Stow, Harlow. Members of MHP Theatre Company are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of theatre including acting, lighting and sound operation and set management. There are also regular social events for members to attend.

Articles of Association

MHP Theatre Company shall exist to enable the presentation of theatrical performances. It shall be a non-profit organisation, managed by a committee. The committee shall collectively agree a programme for the season, support directors and performers and manage publicity. The committee will reserve the right to charge rehearsal fees, where necessary, to cover costs of a production. Members of the committee will be voted in annually, at the Annual General Meeting.

Anyone wishing to be involved in a production with MHP Theatre Company, may do so with the agreement of the committee and must become a paid member of the Moot House Community Association. This brings with it access to the Moot House Social Club Bar. 

MHP Theatre Company does not discriminate, directly or indirectly, on grounds of national or ethnic origins, race, religion, colour, disability, or political persuasion nor, in the case of adults, sexual orientation, marital status or age, in the selection and treatment of performers or crew.

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